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Partnership Opportunities

One way to show your support of Illinois Psychedelic Society's mission is to partner with us to promote our events.  Please click on the links below to learn about our upcoming events and accompanying promotional opportunities. To speak with someone about a partnership or sponsorship, please email:

Become a Partner of Illinois Psychedelic Society

Our events attract professionals, academics, healthcare providers, and advocates who are deeply engaged in or curious about the psychedelic community.  This demographic is not only influential but also likely to support brands that invest in causes they care about.  Sponsors will have direct access to engage with this niche but valuable audience.

The events are featured across multiple media platforms, including social media, email newsletters, press releases, and possibly local news outlets.  Sponsors will benefit from logo placement and mentions in all promotional materials, offering extensive exposure before, during, and after the event.

Sponsors will have opportunities to connect with other high-profile attendees and sponsors in an intimate setting.  This can be particularly beneficial for companies looking to build relationships or looking to expand their professional networks within the psychedelic research and advocacy community.

We offer various levels of sponsorship, each with customizable options to meet diverse marketing and outreach goals. From speaking opportunities and exhibit spaces to branded giveaways and VIP access, sponsors can choose how they want to engage and be recognized.

Heroic Dose Partner

As a "Heroic Dose Partner,"  your brand will be at the forefront of our next event. Enjoy extensive recognition, the opportunity to make opening remarks, and interactive engagement with attendees through a dedicated space at our event. Amplify your brand's message with multiple shoutouts across our social platforms, a sponsored email blast, and the chance to share your expertise live with our engaged audience. Plus, enjoy complimentary tickets and exclusive rights to VIP reception opportunities.


Mega-dose Partner

Step up as a "Mega-dose Partner" and enjoy prominent visibility. Your partnership will be felt through a hands-on presence at the event and meaningful placement in promotional efforts. Benefit from social media acknowledgments, logo placements, and complimentary tickets to join the festivities.


Macrodose Partner

As a "Macrodose Partner," you'll play a key role in the week's activities. Your support will be acknowledged through various marketing channels, offering you a table at the event, social media mentions, and valuable logo placements on promotional materials.

Museum Dose Partner

Join us as a "Museum Dose Partner" and enjoy the benefits of being part of the community. Engage with participants at your event booth, gain recognition through logo placements and social media thanks, and enjoy the event firsthand with event tickets.


Mini-dose Partner

Make an impact with a booth at the event and group acknowledgments on social media. Your partnership will be promoted through event email blasts, and you'll enjoy the event in person with tickets provided.


Microdose Partner

Support the cause and enjoy the acknowledgment on social media and in event email communications, along with the opportunity to attend the event and experience the celebration.


Nonprofit Partner

For non-profit organizations wishing to partner with us, please reach out directly to for a tailored partnership experience that acknowledges your unique contributions and aligns with our shared mission.

Partnership Deadlines

To ensure your brand is featured, please note that logos and promotional materials must be submitted two weeks before the event.

As psychedelics gain mainstream acceptance, early supporters of related events will be seen as pioneers in the space.  This can set sponsors apart from competitors, offering a competitive advantage as leaders and supporters of an emerging field.

Upcoming Events

  • IPS Monthly Meeting
    IPS Monthly Meeting
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, Aug 14
    Aug 14, 2024, 6:00 PM – 7:15 PM CDT
    Aug 14, 2024, 6:00 PM – 7:15 PM CDT
    Join our community for a rich discussion on a curated topic of the emerging psychedelic ecosystem.

Past Event Partners

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